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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My downfall

At first, I thought that Phentermine was a pain medication or perhaps a medication similar to the one in this story. After doing my research, I found out that it is an appetite suppressant.

I'm happy to say that, although I do have weight issues, having a big appetite and overeating are not my problems. Honestly, I can skip meals simply because it never occurs to me that I am hungry. If I am not careful, I will forget to feed both myself and the girls lunch. They certainly don't need to be skipping meals! My downfall is that I absolutely love sweets. I always have. There are very few sweet foods that I dislike, and I lack self-control whenever something sweet is in the house. So I won't be buying an appetite suppressant unless they can come up with one that suppress my appetite for sweets!

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Karen is Thrifty said...

Sweets are an issue for me too. I was searching for some chocolate today and all I could find was a Baby Ruth. Ugh! Definitely not on my list of things I want to eat.