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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Girls' photos (updated 5/6/2007)

I had put up Pookie's photo but neglected to post the other girls'. Here they are.

On the left is Miss Muffet. Looking at this photo, you would never guess that she had been crying because she didn't want to have her picture taken!

To the right is Baby Bear. She wouldn't stay still so we ended up popping peanuts into her mouth every time she moved. It was the only way we could take her picture.

Here are all three of the girls.

Update: now you can see how much they have changed since last year's photo.


Michelle said...

They are all so adorable! I love the matching dresses!

Revka said...

Thanks, Michelle. :0) Grandma loves to buy matching dresses for them. Click the link in the "Updated" paragraph to see them in their dresses last year.

Karen is Thrifty said...

Very cute! Why get professional pictures made when you can do them yourself?

The New Parent said...

Hi R--isn't it amazing what they will cry about?
Verrrrry sweeet.

Mary Anne said...

Oh my gosh -- what CUTE kids !!Enjoy them being little -- they grow up REALLY fast ! I can't believe my boys are 16 and 14 ! My 16 year old is almost finished his junior year of high school and my "baby" will be finished with 8th grade -- where on earth did that time go ?? (and believe me, when I was where you are now, with little kids, and people would say to me to enjoy them because they grow up fast -- I was so exhausted and thought some days just dragged on and on -- those whiny days when you can't get anything done, etc -- I thought those people were CRAZY !! But now I'm turning into one of them! Anyhow, enjoy those little ones !! they're cute as pie !

tAnYeTTa said...

They are absolutely beautiful. I love their matching dresses. It's so much fun dressing up little girls. I know they are so much fun! :) What a true blessing!