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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's in the details

Have you noticed that when something goes wrong, the solution to the problem will often be found not in the big things but in the tiny details? Yes, big problems often stem from tiny incidents.

I remember being in college and going to the computer lab to print a term paper. After viewing the preview, I sent the document to the printer, but nothing happened. I examined settings, restarted the computer, and checked every possibility of which I could think. I finally had to go ask the lab tech for help. In the end, the problem was identified as a loose connection between the computer and one of the many network cables. A small problem caused a lot of trouble!

So it is in my life. The "big" problems are easily seen and corrected. Say, for instance, that I inadvertently step on a person's toe. That is a problem that is immediately obvious and is easily corrected. Consider, however, if I am one who desires the praise of man. That is not such an obvious problem, but it has the potential for much greater destruction than would be caused by my stepping on a toe.

I tend to overlook details, for I often do not see them as important, but I need to correct that attitude. As a song says, "... Great things are done by doing little things every day. ... Little things make tall things, and small things make all things." I am determined to be more aware of the "little things" in my life and not let small problems build into great big mountains.