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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm just weird

Mary Anne of Moonbeams in a Jar tagged me to share 7 weird things about myself. I'm sorry it has taken me so long, Mary Anne. I just had a hard time coming up with seven things - I'm so normal, after all. *grin*

  1. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable, and it doesn't even have to have cheese sauce on it to taste good.
  2. It really annoys me when people leave drawers or cupboard doors open. Close it when you are done!
  3. I have actually eaten (and liked) a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. I know that sounds gross, but just think of those cheese crackers with peanut butter in the middle.
  4. When I was growing up, I seriously wanted 12 children. (I have since cut that number in half.)
  5. Mosquitos love me. (I don't love them.) Once, a mosquito bite swelled up to 3 inches long by 1 inch wide.
  6. I like a bit of milk in my hot tea.
  7. I love Popeye the Sailor Man.
Well, there you have it: indubitable proof that I am weird. I now tag Lynlee, Holly, Jen, Rindy, Linda, Davida, and Tracy. As always, you don't have to participate. :)


The New Parent said...

Hi R--now wait a moment--I also love broccoli, does thaat make me weird?

12 kids? You may want to let others help populate the world (smile)?

Funny stuff. Thaanks for opening up about your "weird" side!

Revka said...

Hey, Frank, I guess we're just in the odd minority with our love of broccoli. Yea, I think I'll let some other people help with replenishing the world's population. :)

I'm glad you thought this was funny. I had a hard time coming up with 7 things. :>)

Mary Anne said...

Yea Revka -- loved your list !! I can relate to the cupboard and drawers being left open driving you crazy -- my husband does that all the time -- he's like the absent-minded professor leaving them open all over the place -- and some of them just happen to be just the right height to get me right between the eyes! I'm gonna have to start wearing safety glasses and a helmet around the kitchen!

Holly said...

Hey, I guess I'll take on that responsibility! :)

I will try to take on the tag - Revka. ;)

p.s. I like broccoli, too. Not so weird, you see! :)

Revka said...

Hi, Mary Anne, I'm glad you liked my list. I think the helmet idea is great! :)

Holly, thanks for playing along. I'll be looking forward to reading your list. :) I'm glad to find I'm really not the only one who likes broccoli.

Linda said...

I just had broccoli for dinner :) It's nice tossed together with some lemon dressing. I liked your list, you are not the least weird you know. Except for the 12 kids that is :) I'll tag along tomorrow.