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Monday, March 12, 2007

Tumble dry on low

This was just another mundane afternoon slipping routinely by. Transferring yet another large load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, I mentally sighed upon seeing the remaining piles of soiled laundry which dominated my laundry room. I loaded the washer once more before realizing that I had neglected to shut the dryer door and begin the cycle. I absent-mindedly closed the door, set the cycle length, and pressed the "start" button. As I exited the room, the perplexing sound of repeated thuds emanated from the dryer.

"Ah, well, the clothes are probably just wadded into a lump. I'll ignore that sound. I'm sure it will stop eventually, " I silently decided.

Upon further reflection, I decided to opt for the prudent course and retraced my steps to the dryer where I pulled open the door. To my utter amazement, what should greet my eyes but the sight of our tortoise-shell cat tumbling out of the dryer!

While I dissolved into disbelieving laughter, Sami shook her head a couple of times before hissing at me as she stalked past in search of a more stable resting place.


Karen is Thrifty said...

Oh my goodness! No way! That's crazy! Good thing you went to check on the thumping. I'm sure the cat will be staying away from your laundry!

One time we had some mischievous ferrets. My goodness, they would get into so much trouble. One time one of the ferrets got into the refrigerator and was in there for a few hours. Another time one escaped from the house and my husband, dad, and I were outside chasing it. Another time one of the critters got outside during a big snowfall we had. Thankfully, it found shelter in our shed. I was pretty startled when I went out to the shed to get the dog food and the ferret popped out of the bag! Then another time they both got loose while we were staying overnight in a hotel. Now that one is a long story.

Crazy animals!!!!

Revka said...

Crazy is right! I do hope Sami stays out of my dryer form now on. I was tempted to title this post "Chinese food, anyone?" or something like that, but Mr. Incredible thought that was kinda gross. :)

Luluriahmom said...

Makes me wonder if I should get off the computer and go check the insane thumping noises I heard coming from my own washer a little bit ago! Too funny!!!

Karen is Thrifty said...

Ugh. Chinese food doesn't sound good right now. My hubby wanted to try out a new Chinese restaurant tonight. I am always really hesitant about trying new Chinese places because I get sick so easily if the food is not handled properly. And let's face it, Chinese restaurants are not known for cleanliness. Anyway, we ate there and I could not get home fast enough!!! My stomach is still churning.

Yes, I think your cat has learned a good lesson. Maybe he/she liked it because it was dark and warm.

Revka said...

Luluraihmom, you never know what could be lurking underneath those clothes you put in the washer! Seriously, I'm glad you got a kick out of this story. Thanks for commenting to let me know.

Karen, I hope your stomach settles down soon. That's no fun. Sorry about the Chinese food comment. I had no idea. :) Sami's full name is Samantha. We call her Sami or Sam for short because she has always been feisty, and I think those nicknames suit her.

Justice Jones said...

How funny!! The poor kitty. Well, they do have nine lives :) I guess because they get themselves into these circumstances.

Cute post.

Revka said...

Yes, my kitty had used a couple of her nine lives already. They do get into trouble! I'm glad you liked the story.

Karen is Thrifty said...

Cats certainly are mischevous. I do miss having one around though.