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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Scotch Guard – the answer to the revolving door

When we got married, we were blessed to be given almost everything we needed for our home. I believe our only purchases were a washer and a dryer. Everything else was either a previous possession, a wedding gift, was handed down from family, or was a garage sale find (by someone else). Most of the furniture we were given is still being used, but we have gone through several couches.

Prior to our becoming parents, our cat would claw the back corners of the sofa until they were in shreds – very unsightly! After we had the girls, accidents quickly became an unwelcome part of our routine, making our home a revolving door for couches.

Our current sofa and matching recliner were given to us by Mr. Incredible’s grandparents. They are decades old but were in incredibly good condition when we received them – no spots, stains, or tears marred their surfaces and all joints were solidly immovable. Were, I say, because being in a home with three little girls and one crazy cat constitutes the recipe for sofa disaster.

After surveying the spotted couch recently, Mr. Incredible declared that, when this couch is no longer serviceable, he would like to get one of those sectional sofas; whereupon, I mentally added that we would Scotch Guard said sofa! I hope our next sofa will be our last.