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Monday, March 05, 2007

Pizza hut - literally?

To the surfer who came here via a search for "how to make a homemade hut":

I apologize that the search engine of your choice thought that my homemade pizza that is "better than Pizza Hut pizza" would be a good match for your query. If you do construct a pizza hut, please send me a photograph of the results. Best wishes in your endeavor, and thanks for the laugh. *grin*


Justice Fergie said...


it was actually J. Jones' birthday over the weekend and not mine but i will pass on your well-wishes!

Revka said...

Hey, Fergie! Thanks for the correction about the birthday. It would help if I read the author bit on each post, huh? :)

I couldn't resist sharing this; I laughed pretty doggone hard at this. I'm glad you thought it was funny, too.

Romie said...

Those silly search engines - sometimes you think they were smoking something while indexing (to create some variety) :)

Revka said...

That's a very good explanation for some of their "matches." :)