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Monday, March 19, 2007

Do any of you golf?

Mr. Incredible enjoys being active, though he doesn't have the opportunities that he once had. He has mentioned several times that he would like to try his hand at golf. However, to golf he needs the basic equipment - say, golf clubs, for instance. Someone offered an old set on FreeCycle one time, but I responded too late.

I know nothing about golf. Do any of y'all know if ranges offer club rentals and, if so, how much that might be? What other options are out there?

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Linda said...

Oh revka, I know nothing about how much it is or so but I did see on TV yesterday about a japanese samurai that also was a golf pro.
Maybe that's something for Mr Incredible? :)

Revka said...

Linda, you are too funny! I can see the headlines now:

Mr. Incredible - the golfer who slices his way through the competition! :)