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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Frugal Tips and Tricks (2)

As I was cleaning for Pookie's party, I was reminded of these two oft-used tips.

To remove crayon scribbles:
Spray with WD-40 and wipe off with a cloth

This is absolutely FANTASTIC! I have used this trick to clean walls; wood chairs; vinyl, hardwood, and ceramic floors; a table top; a trash can lid; a refrigerator door; and even walls. Note: this tip is only for regular crayons and does not work for those horrible water-based crayons! Also, I do not recommend this for material; but if you do use it for that, you can use dish soap to remove the grease spot from the cloth.

To remove ink marks:
Use rubbing alcohol or a hairspray with high alcohol content (such as Aqua Net)

Depending on where the ink mark is, you can try either rubbing it with a alcohol-moistened rag or pouring the alcohol directly on the mark. If the mark is on clothing or other material, follow this treatment with a little bit of soap and warm water.


Saucey said...

Nice tip... but the smell of wd-40 would be worse to me than the scribblings. :) Now, you KNOW I've had to deal with this kinda thing. The thing that works like magic on Everything except permanent markers is the... well, magic eraser. It really is magic. It will freak you out how well it works.

This page shows the product

Revka said...

Cool photo, "saucey"! Yes, Magic Erasers are WONDERFUL! I have made use of them and highly recommend them. Call me weird, but I actually like the smell of WD-40; it reminds me of banana oil or something.

knowhimwell said...

Trackback for you.


fastfoodie said...

Yay for the crayon scribble remover tip! I don't mind the smell of WD-40 either. We have an older house, which always needs a lot of WD-40 love, so I'm used to the smell.

Revka said...

Ugh, fastfoodie! I accidentally rejected your comment. Thank goodness I still had the e-mail notification and was able to copy and paste it back in! :) I really appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to comment.

I'm glad you found this helpful. It works like a charm!