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Monday, November 13, 2006

Life lessons from my baby

I was getting Baby Bear ready for bed tonight. As we entered her doorway, she stiffened a little but relaxed when I took her to her changing table. After I had changed her diaper and dressed her for bed, I carried her to her crib. The moment she realized where we were headed, she began to fight it. When she hit the mattress she began screaming as usual; and, as usual, I told her goodnight, turned out the light, and closed her door as I walked out. After a few moments, golden silence reigned.

I began thinking how, as her parent, it is my responsibility to know what is best for and what is needed by Baby Bear, even when she herself doesn't know what she needs. Bed time is not fun, but sleep is necessary for her continued growth and development. Even so my Heavenly Father knows what is best and what is needed in my life.

How often, like Baby Bear, I kick and scream because I do not like what is happening, not realizing that without the "problem" I so hate, I would not develop as I should. I am thankful for a Heavenly Father Who is all-wise and lovingly gives me what is best even when I desperately seek to evade that needful thing.