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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fulfillment of a dream

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to record some piano solo music for a CD. Now before you get all excited, I am not intending to market this or anything. It's mostly for my own entertainment. Still, I did record 17 hymn arrangements, including the 5 I have created to date. Of course, out of the 17 songs, I am completely satisfied with only 3 of them and there are only 4 others to which I give qualified approval (meaning if I have time I will probably re-record them, too). So I still have a lot of work left to do. This is one of those things that has been in the back of my mind that I might do "someday." It's nice that "someday" was actually yesterday! Thanks so much to my wonderful friend who watched the girls at home for me so that I could do this! You are definitely getting a copy, don't worry!


knowhimwell said...

That's great! I hope to fulfill some dreams too.

Revka said...

Dreams are great motivators, aren't they? I hope you accomplish your dreams.