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Monday, November 13, 2006

Reclaim Your House Week goals

Thank you to my sister, Sho, for the idea of posting a list of chores to accomplish this week. Apparently we are now competing to see who can reclaim her house first! For anyone else who wishes to participate in my "Reclaim Your House Week" *grin* you are welcome to modify this list as needed. This just reflects my goals.

Kitchen/Dining area
  • wash, dry, and put away all dishes (!)
  • clear off and wipe down counters/table
  • wash, dry, and put away at least 2 loads a day - more like 4+ for me!
  • clear junk out of laundry room
Living Room
  • put away anything out of place
Toy Room
  • clear out anything that does not belong!!!
  • put some toys in storage to rotate later
  • organize remaining toys - "a place for everything and everything in its place"
Throughout the house
  • sweep, mop, and/or vacuum all floors
  • dust
  • clean windows and mirrors

Does it seem like I have forgotten anything? Let me know if you think of something else.

Before you leave, here is a good read about the rewards for having a clean house. Hop over for inspiration and then get busy! Happy cleaning!


knowhimwell said...

Gee whiz! That sound like a month's worth of stuff!!!! :) I try to keep my living room looking pretty good. That's the room people see when they come over. I do have some places where junk tends to land. I always have a kitchen counter that is piled up with stuff for me to do. It aggravates me so much, but I can never get to the bottom of the pile before more stuff gets put on it. It's so frustrating!!!


Revka said...

Well, it's not going to stay clean permanently, trust me. I think I could do this every month! You are absolutely right about those junk piles. My bedroom bookcase is particularly bad for erupting into a raging inferno of hot spots.

Shoshannah said...

We have a portable dishwasher that is always heaped with stuff.
I got some laundry done yesterday, the tub in the front bathroom cleaned, the sink and toilet in the back bathroom, dishes, vacuumed and dusted the den, and vacuumed the front hall and living room rugs. Of course the dishes and the table were done, and I spot cleaned the floor under the breakfast bar. Of course, if you looked at my house this morning, you would not be able to tell a thing.