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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hello again

It's funny: I didn't get on the computer AT ALL on Saturday, and I feel like I have been gone forever. Pookie had her birthday party and had a marvelous time. We had 11 kids total at our house - 10 girls and 1 boy. That was my nephew. Sorry, buddy. He has 2 sisters so at least he is used to girls! :)

Mr. Incredible voluntarily stayed up until 11:45 p.m Friday night to help me clean. Thank you, darling!!!! See, THAT is one reason I call him Mr. Incredible. There are many others, too, but I digress. Saturday morning he resumed his work on our building. He almost has it done, and he is doing a super job. He was working on putting up the trim and kept calling me to come help him. Trying to prepare for the party and help him at the same time was challenging at best, but everything turned out well.

After the party, we left the kids inside (YIKES!) while we worked on the building. It was too cold and dark for us to feel comfortable having the babies outside. Our lighting was the floodlight at our back door and a little camping lantern. It got rather interesting at times, but neither of us got hurt. Thank the Lord! There is only a little trim work left, and then we can caulk and paint it. THEN we can store all our STUFF after I sort through it and get rid of some of it.