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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Personal Style - Part 4

Welcome back to my Personal Style series. Today's tips are about getting out of that rut you've fallen into and cutting your losses.

The individual posts in this series are:
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Part 3 - use accessories, and be selective in what you buy
Part 4 - don't get stuck in a rut, and cut your losses
Part 5 - learn by observing, and be patient

Now, on with today's tips.

7. Don't get stuck in a rut.
We've all seen the person who is stuck in a style that is decades old. Maybe her hair is worn in the style of twenty years ago. Maybe it's her makeup, or perhaps it's her clothes. While knowing your style and sticking to it means that your clothes could last you for years, you should still experiment and try new things. Cut your hair in a new style. Play around with new makeup colors. Try on an article of clothing that seems completely out of character. You never know when you will find a new favorite that will freshen your look. I recently purchased 2 blue jean skirts at Cato's for $5.38 each. Obviously, I was thrilled with the price, but I mention them here because they are very different from the style I would normally wear. I prefer straight skirts that fall at either the knee or the ankle. These skirts fall right below the knee and are made in an A-line style with panels that make the hem kind of ruffle in a very feminine manner, but they are not so trendy that they will be outdated next year. I absolutely LOVE these skirts! They look great with nearly every top I own, and they have updated my look. They make me feel flirty and feminine and attractive. If I had not been willing to try on something out of character, I would have missed out on something excitingly different. However, before you go shopping for that new look, read Dilly Dilly's posts Don't Believe the Hype (which details current fads to avoid) and Winter 2006 - Wardrobe Essentials (which describes the "must-haves" for this winter).

8. Cut your losses.
You may be wondering about those "misses" in your wardrobe - you know, that piece of clothing that just doesn't work for you. We talked previously about avoiding those purchases in the future; now I want to tell you to let go of the past. It doesn't matter how great a deal it was or who gave it to you. You need to purge your clothes. has an informative article on Closet Purge How-to's that gives you specific criteria to use when sorting your clothes. You should sort your clothes at least twice a year; the season change is a good time to do this. BE RUTHLESS! If you don't love it, get rid of it! You are probably not wearing it anyway, and your storage space is too valuable to waste on clutter.

Well, this series is almost finished. I've enjoyed researching and writing it, and I hope this has been a help to you.

Coming tomorrow: Personal Style - Part 5.

I'll expand my last two tips:

9. Learn by observing.
10. Be patient.