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Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Reclaim Your House Week" - last post

Well, on Friday I went grocery shopping with the girls and on Saturday we were out of town for a family Thanksgiving dinner so I can't remember what I accomplished each day. However, click to see the week's "goals" list and come back here to see my actual "accomplished" list.


Kitchen/dining area

  • Washed/dried/put away dishes - all week, of course
  • Cleared off and wiped down the table but not the counters
  • I washed 15 (large) loads of laundry but only put away 3. The other 12 loads are piled on my love seat in my piano room.
Living Room
  • Everything was put away multiple times.
  • Both bathrooms were swished and swiped multiple times.
  • The tub was scrubbed.
  • All 3 bedrooms were picked up. YEA!!!!
  • Only Baby Bear's room was decluttered.
Toy Room
  • I didn't even touch it. Oh, well. I guess it's my "job security." *grin* I'll get to it next week - I hope!
Throughout the house
  • All floors were swept.
  • All rooms with carpet except one were vacuumed.
  • Both bathroom mirrors were cleaned 3x.
That's about it, but as busy as my week was, I am pretty happy with that. Overall, my house is looking quite a bit better. Now to continue the improvement! Sho, thanks for joining me. That made it a lot more fun.