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Friday, March 09, 2007

Sailing, sailing over the ocean blue

Endless seas beckon, calling my name.
To miss all that beauty? Boy, what a shame!

I’ll find a yacht charter and rent me a boat;
Away ‘cross the ocean I’ll drift and I’ll float.

I’ll see some sea creatures, maybe a whale.
Look over there! Spy a pirate’s black sail.

“Shiver me timbers and bring me some loot!
I want some gold bars and a new navy suit.”

“Mama!” cry loudly my girls in my ear.
I gaze at my children and smile with good cheer.

I may never sail or charter a boat
Except in my dream as I mend a torn coat.

-by Revka

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Robin (the pensieve one) said...

Ah...Revka, I was writing poetry today and thought of you. My life has been hectic for a while (aren't all of "ours"??), and I just remembered to find your email and read our poems.

This one is so whimsical, and with three babies of my own (even though they're "older"), I could relate. Reading this made me smile :). You should keep writing them!

Revka said...

I read your poems today, too. I love your writing style - you have such a way with words.

Thanks for all the nice words about this poem. It's definitely a snapshot of life in my house. :)