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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bed and breakfast

I've run out of inspiration for my two remaining assignments. It's probably because I ended up waiting until the last minute (again!) to post them and am having to do them all at once. What can I say? I've been busy working on customizing a blog (not one of mine), and when I work on custom jobs, it seems as though whole days slip by without my even noticing their passing until I emerge from my tunnel to find that deadlines are looming yet again. I'm going to be more conscious of time from now on. I hate waiting until the last minute to complete my work!

If you travel to New York, why don't you make reservations at a New York bed and breakfast? Bed and breakfasts offer a standard of personal service that is simply unparalleled. The home is spotless and attractive, the food is delicious, and the attention to detail ensures your satisfaction.

Do you have a story to share about a bed and breakfast?


G.P. said...

Hi... we own the Fish Creek House in Montana... we're originally from NY :) You are always welcome to come on inn !

GP in Montana

Revka said...

Hi, there, GP! Thanks for the invitation. I've been by your blog a couple of times (for the Carnival of the Recipes), and I would love to stay at your place if we ever get out to Montana. It sounds like you take great care to offer only the best to your guests.

G.P. said...

Always most welcome guest at the inn... Take care of our human, equine and canine guests.. It's all G-d's

GP in Montana