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Thursday, May 31, 2007


I know I've been talking about a lot of websites lately, but I like to share my "finds" with you guys. Well, actually, this one is just for the girls.

Last week, I received an interesting e-mail. In it, Mr. Taylor informed me of the launch of a new website, Christa, dedicated to providing modest yet trendy clothing in junior and misses sizes. He told me that this is a family owned and operated business and that their commitment is to contribute "at least 30% of [their] profits to extending the gospel and social justice around the world." (That information immediately caught my attention.) He asked that I take a look at their site and consider adding it to my blog roll as a resource. I clicked onto their site, and I was pleased with what I found.

Christa's offerings include collections of modest skirts, dresses, tops, accessories, and swimwear. Although a new site, they already offer a good variety of styles. In fact, their collections are targeted to "Miss Sporty," "Miss Trendy," and "Miss Posh." Prices are comparable to those of departments stores.

Some of my favorite pieces are the CT Classic Swimsuit ($72 but extremely modest), Cream Pleated Skirt ($35), Long Paneled Denim Skirt ($29), and Kenziegirl Dress ($49; available in white and lead).

Go ahead and take a look. You just might find that article of clothing you have been wanting.


The New Parent said...

Hey R--now you have to do one for the guys (smile)!

Revka said...

I think you're right, Frank. :) What would you like me to review for you: gadgets, blog tips, men's clothing? :)

Holly said...

cool, Revka. I'm always looking for a good site like this!

The New Parent said...

Hi R--hmmmm ... gadgets always has a nice ring to it (smile)!

Revka said...

I'm glad I could point you in the direction of something new, Holly. I hope you like this site, too.

Okay, Frank, I'll look for a cool gadget site for you guys. :)