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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why the dilemma?

I get so disgusted with myself sometimes. It seems as though when a situation should be a no-brainer, I struggle with choosing the right course. Here are some classic examples from my life:

  • Office supplies: "Oh, I love how this pen writes! I'd love to take it home with me." Unfortunately, the wonderfully-writing pen belonged to my boss. I did the right thing that time and left it at work.
  • Music and software: "You have that [movie/CD/program]? Oh, I've been dying to get that!" My friend generously offered to burn a copy for me. Sad to say, I accepted the offer a couple of times. A few times, I followed my conscience.
  • Attitude: "I get so tired of having to pick up the whole house by myself? Why can't anyone else help me?" Instead of being thankful for the people whose belongings I retrieve, I focus on the "inconvenience" and assume a martyr's attitude. It really stinks, and no one, including myself, is happy when I do that.
  • Christianity: "I know a Christian shouldn't [whatever], but I really like that!" Too often, I succumb to my lack of discipline and selfishness, intentionally choosing to commit the act that my conscience tells me is wrong.
Though I may succumb to my old nature here, ultimate victory has already been achieved through Jesus' shed blood. I'm so glad that Jesus has conquered sin so that when we get to Heaven we will no longer struggle with our sin nature.