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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Suggestions, anyone?

Mr. Incredible and I were discussing ways to use the two weeks of vacation that he must use or lose this year. He actually has three weeks, but he is allowed to roll over 40 hours each year. Since he is prudent and likes to plan for any emergency, he always tries to leave one week to roll over.

We decided that one week will be spent at our old church helping with Vacation Bible School in June. We figured that was the best way we knew to help Pastor Daniel, and Mr. Incredible always loved helping with the annual VBS, and it will seem like old times for him.

We discussed using the other week for a family beach vacation with our parents and siblings. While the price of a vacation home rental may seem prohibitive, when the cost is split among several families it can actually be quite reasonable, especially if you bring your own food to cook instead of eating out.

We have not yet decided what we will do. Do you have any favorite vacation ideas to suggest?


The New Parent said...

Hi R--the beach vacation idea sounds lovely. We're thinking of doing a similar thing. Do the kids like the beach?

Revka said...

Hey, Frank! You really should do that. We've gone on beach trips with Mr. Incredible's family several times, and it has always been fun.

Yes, the girls like going to the beach, but they don't like going in the ocean, which is perfectly fine with me! :)

The New Parent said...

My daughter has just gotten use to being splashed by ocean waves. Very cute. I think she would like to spend some time near the ocean.


myderbe said...

I don't know where you are or what beach you would consider, but I have a great recommendation if you are anywhere near the east coast and virginia or maryland wouldn't be too far to travel. :) Let me know if you're interested.

Revka said...

You're welcome, Frank. I'm glad I could help.

Karen is Thrifty said...

You could always go during off-season, in maybe May or September. I think you and Mr. I should take the girls somewhere for a few days and then go somewhere on your own!

Revka said...

Thanks, Karen; that's what we're planning to do. :) We usually like to take vacation after Labor Day - prices are cheaper, and kids are back in school.