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Friday, April 20, 2007

Cordless phone evolution

When we got married, Mr. Incredible brought with him his cordless phone. It was one of the first ones on the market, and the thing was monstrously big! However, it worked really well - until we had children. The girls loved to play with the antenna, and one day I found that the plastic covering the antenna had been broken into pieces. Though we did use the phone a bit longer, that was the beginning of the end for the poor phone.

We were given a new phone set for Christmas that year; we thought it was great because it came with two handsets, and one of those didn't even have to be plugged into a phone line! That set lasted several years - until shortly after our move, in fact. Though we had faithfully kept the phones on their chargers, their batteries had finally died. We tried to find the correct cordless phone battery, but apparently the phones were so old that the batteries were no longer carried in the stores. Instead, we purchased a new set of phones, which we are currently using.

I found it interesting that, while each successive set of phones became smaller, the quality noticeably increased. It's amazing how quickly technology changes in the course of a few years.


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