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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Carnival of the Recipes - Italian theme

Thank you for joining me as I present the deliciously tempting recipes of the Taste of Italy round up. This edition of the Carnival of the Recipes offers not only Italian dishes but also a wide variety of other kinds of recipes and links.

Soup, Salad, and Bread
Deputy Headmistress from The Common Room shares her recipe for Basil Walnut Mayonnaise over Chicken Pasta Salad. That sounds like a delicious combination of flavors.

KeeWee's Corner gives us a recipe for tasty Italian Sausage Bread. What better way to begin an Italian meal?

Over at Thrifty Mommy, Karen submitted her Easy Toscana Soup Recipe which is similar to Olive Garden's Toscana Soup. Delicious! Even her husband, who is not a big fan of Italian food, likes this soup.

Beth of The Expatriate's Kitchen explains the title of her recipe: Wedding Soup. "The reason this soup is called Wedding Soup, so I am told, is that the cost of using all the different meats meant it was only served on special occasions." This recipe will make a huge batch of soup, but it will freeze well.

Christmas Recipes posted a unique recipe: Orange and Corn Coleslaw. I will have to try this recipe. Maybe this will be the coleslaw that I actually like

Pasta Entrees
Stephanie from Stop the Ride tells us how to make Noodles from Scratch. I think almost any food will taste better made from scratch, and this sounds like a fairly simple recipe.

Thanks to Stephanie of Make Healthy Meals, we have a recipe for that classic Italian dish - Lasagna. This is a classic meal that works well for both family meals and company dinners.

Tom (Chef Tom Cooks) makes his Italian Chicken Bow Tie Pasta with chicken, garlic, squash mushroom, and tomatoes. I think this is another recipe I will try out on my family.

Susanna offer us TOtaLLyDeLISH glorious pasta al forno topped with bechamel (made with olive oil and yogurt). If you are tired of the same old bechamel sauce, this dish will be a refreshing change.

Right Wing Nation shares the authentic Sicilian recipe his mother received from a friend. His Corleone Spaghetti and Meatballs sound absolutely heavenly!

Over at Everything and Nothing, Shawn offers us her recipe for Spinach, Mushroom, and 4 Cheese Lasagna. This would be a tasty way to eat more green leafy vegetables.

Beth The Expatriate's Kitchen graciously provided us with two more enticing entrees: Gnocchi with Duck and Porcini Mushroom Ragout and Chicken Scallopini with Lemon, Artichokes and Capers (this recipe includes tips for creating true 30 minute meals).

No-Pasta Entrees
Michelle of Scribbit created her own Italian dish: Sausage Risotto with Zucchini and Fontina. I am happy that she chose to share her creation with us. The combination of sausage, rice, cheese, and zucchini sounds absolutely delicious!

Bill's Famous Recipes blog features Crock Pot Chicken with Olives. I love olive and chickens; getting to throw everything into a crock pot is a great big bonus!

While the name of the submission from Dewey's Treehouse, Cooking without Recipes: Stinky Cabbage, does not sound appealing, this recipe for cabbage rolls filled with barley and sausage sounds wonderful.

Here at The Porch Light, I share the recipe for our Favorite Meatballs. this versatile recipe can be used to top spaghetti or subs.

Other International Recipes
Right Wing Nation declares that his recipes for Western Chinese food are Not What Your Chinese Restaurant Serves! After reading his recipes, I believe him and look forward to making authentic Chinese food.

Kevin's blog, Seriously Good, features his version of an English favorite: Cornish Pastie. He tweaked his pastry recipe to come up with a flaky, tender crust that retained the typical English flavor.

Cehwiedel of Kneadlework shares the oddly named Leprechaun Casserole, which is made of meat, onion, mushrooms, potatoes, and cheese. Make this for family meals or for potluck dinners; either place, it's sure to be a hit.

Blog d'Elisson proffers instructions for Homemade from Scratch Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls. (language advisory) I have fond childhood memories of eating Matzo Ball Soup at Passover, but I think that his soup would taste much better than ours.

Wise Bread came up with a recipe for Perfect Peanut Sauce. Actually, there are three recipes included so try them all. This sauce is great for dipping and/or covering foods such as Spring Rolls.

The Expatriate Chef's Kale Recipes are a great way to try to develop your child's (or your own) taste for those healthy yet despised foods: leafy green vegetables.

World Famous gives us Marmalade Glazed Carrots. These sweetly tender carrots would be the perfect accompaniment for many entrees.

We have two variations on scalloped potatoes: Slow Cooker Recipes gives us Crock Pot Scalloped Potatoes, and Famous Recipes features Salpicon Scalloped Potatoes. Either way, these potatoes are simply comfort food.

Must-try Entrees
Marsha from A Weight Lifted shares her unique recipe: Cumin-Lime Lamb Chops. She also explains why spring is the ideal season for eating lamb.

Two "Chicken Recipe" blogs have joined our carnival: Chicken Recipes (WordPress) features Crock Pot Braised Chicken Thighs, and Chicken Recipes (Blogspot) gives us Swiss Bliss.

If it's famous recipes you want, we have them as well. Take a look at Famous Recipes' Chicken Braised in Apple Cider and World Famous's offering of Beef Tater Tot Casserole.

If you are a diabetic, Diabetic Recipes kindly gives you Cranberry Pork Chops.

Peggy of Blabber Heads created the dish she calls Peg's Eggs. Featuring Cajun seasoning, cheese, tomato, and eggs, this sounds like a pleasantly different breakfast.

Pancake Recipes submitted their recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes, and from Fish Creek House comes an enticing recipe for Apple Oat Muffins.

Educational Links
Al Nye The Lawyer Guy answers the question What, exactly, is a free range chicken? I not only learned about the hypocritical practices that qualify a chicken to be labeled "free range," but I also learned that chicken is "ready" for the market in 7 weeks or less! That sounds like an alarmingly accelerated schedule to me.

Wisdom from Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket educates us about how our digestive system works in The Eater's Digest. This post may be a little long, but it is very informative and is worth reading.

Food History gives us Dr. Morse's Pills and Home Teaching. Oh, and also included is a recipe for Raisin Pie. Don't miss out on that one!

It has been so nice sharing these delicious recipes with you. I know you have some wonderful recipes of your own. Why don't you submit them for next week's food fest? You have until 12 p.m. CST on Saturday, April 28, to submit your recipe for inclusion in the event hosted by Paging Polly Prissypants. Did you know that you can host your own recipe extravaganza? If you are interested in hosting sometime, just send an e-mail and put Host in the Subject line. Thanks again for coming to visit, and I hope to see you again soon.


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I sense an Italian theme to my dinners this week! Thanks!

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Nice job on the Carnival this week!
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