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Friday, April 27, 2007

What does your church do?

Last Sunday, several people who had been previously saved requested to be baptized. Before I pose my question, let me make it clear that baptism is not a part of salvation. The thief on the cross was never baptized, yet Jesus promised him that he would be soon with Jesus in paradise. There are many other places in Scripture that clearly show that salvation is solely dependent upon repentance of sin and acceptance of Christ's finished work on Calvary. Baptism is an act that follows salvation and is our public identification with Christ.

My question: do you or do you not give baptism gifts?


Michelle said...

Usually there is some kind of reception that follows the baptism. And gifts have always been a part of that. I don't think its required or anything though. Just a way of thanking the host for letting you be a part of the celebration? When my niece was baptized we got one of those Precious Moments bibles for girls.

Revka said...

That sounds like a great idea, Michelle. I know my girls were given those little pink New Testaments when we dedicated them to the Lord. Thanks for sharing.

Karen is Thrifty said...

The church I grew up in didn't have a reception or give gifts for baptisms, so I guess I've never really given it much thought.

The church we used to attend gave each new baby in the church a bible, usually Precious Moments. The problem is, both of my kid's names are spelled wrong on their bible. Seriously! Someone there really needs to have the moms write down the names before they have the bibles engraved. Now I'm not sure what to do with the bibles. My kids probably won't want a bible with their name spelled incorrectly.