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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Change your diet

When I hear of friends and acquaintances being struck down with cancer and other diseases, I can't help wondering how much our eating habits contribute to the contraction of such diseases. We Americans love our processed foods, and it shows.

While my family rarely eats out and I cook most meals from scratch, I know that we still eat too many chemical-laden foods. Convenience foods like Pop Tarts, American cheese, and Hamburger Helper are saturated with preservatives, trans fats, and other substances not ideal for human consumption. While we do take some diet supplements, they can only help us so much. They cannot purify our bodies of the harmful substances we cram into them, nor can they completely make up for the lack of nutritional value in our diet.

If you are concerned about receiving the proper nutrition, supplements can be a good place to begin improving your nutritional intake, but the best course is to change your diet to include more healthy foods. Don't try to effect complete change overnight, however; sometimes the slow path is the path that leads to lasting change.


The New Parent said...

Hi R--boy, when you look at the stats, we are an unhealthy nation. Too much processed foods in our diets is right!
When I look at the ingredients in most foods I consume (and I'm somewhat health conscious), it's bewildering.

Revka said...

I know what you mean, Frank! I take a look at the food in our house sometimes, and I think, "Why on earth are we eating this?"

The New Parent said...

Every so often I go through the kitchen and review what's there and what isn't the best for us to be eating. Then we eliminate those foods or products that have "snuck" in and try to replace with healthier items.

I've found it's good to do this review periodically to keep up!