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Friday, April 27, 2007

Creative ideas

Being thrifty or frugal (whichever term you prefer) can be both interesting and exciting. Additionally, it can save both your money and the environment. Thrifty people tend to find new uses for items instead of throwing them away. Here are a couple of re-categorized items from my house:

  • A fishing tackle box is now my sewing box. The section for hooks and lures is absolutely perfect for scissors, bobbins of thread, pins, and the like.
  • Bed sheets become curtains and window treatments.
  • A 5 quart ice cream bucket now organizes small toys in the girls' play room.
  • Both a flower vase and a teacup double as a pencil holder.
  • Old socks become dust rags. (I know some people who use worn underwear for that purpose as well, but I just can't stomach that!)
I'm sure if I think, there are a lot more items that we have put to use in a new way. What are some of the creative ways you have reused items?


Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I love reusing my plastic bags to harness the odor of diapers. Also, old dryer sheets can shine up your chrome nicely.

Revka said...

Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of the dryer sheet trick. I know the plastic bags definitely cut down on diaper odors. :>)