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Monday, April 02, 2007

Celtic Woman concert

Mr. Incredible and I had a wonderful weekend! He took Friday off from work so that we could have a relaxed day together instead of having to rush around in order to get to the concert on time. We dropped the girls off with his parents around 1:00 p.m. and went by ourselves (!) up to Raleigh where we spent a leisurely and most enjoyable afternoon.

We went to Burrage Music Company, the music store that I have really missed since we moved, where I purchased a new offertory book and two books for the children's choir I direct. Afterward, we went to Olive Garden where we ate enormous quantities of salad and breadsticks. Oh, yeah, we did order entrees. *smile* The best part? We used a gift card we had gotten at Christmas. How's that for a cheap date? After Olive Garden, we went to a mall and killed some time walking around Sears where I found a lovely printed "quilt" for our king size bed - $19.98!

At 6:30 p.m. we headed to Raleigh Memorial Auditorium for the concert. We were plenty early; the concert didn't start until 8:00! But Mr. Incredible didn't know what to expect and wanted to be too early rather than too late. We enjoyed sitting and talking before the concert began. It was nice to cuddle and hold hands and just act like young lovers again. Finally, the lights went down and the show started.

The girls' costumes were lovely! They were different from the ones we had seen in the DVD, and I liked these much better. Maev (a soloist) was missing as was David Downes (the conductor/composer), but there was certainly nothing lacking in their performances! Mairead's playing of the violin was simply incredible, and I wanted to laugh out loud from sheer joy after each of her performances. Mr. Incredible and I were both delighted with the concert and with the evening, and we hope to repeat the experience again sometime.


LoveMyStarr said...

What a wonderful date!! God blessed you in so many ways in that one day!

Revka said...

Yes, Shawna, He really did. We had an absolutely wonderful time. :)

LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

I enjoyed Celtic Women on public broadcasting. The one I saw included a wonderful Christian hymn. What an example of feminine young women, in their appearance, a sharp contrast to the last decade of frumpy, ear-boxing, shock-value performers.