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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter with family

It's almost Easter (or Resurrection Day, to be precise). That means that we will be attending Mr. Incredible's big family Easter dinner. We enjoy seeing family members we have not seen in a while - since Christmas, anyway.

All of these family get-togethers are potluck meals, and there is always plenty of delicious food to eat. The location rotates among Mr. Incredible's grandfather and his five siblings. No matter which sibling hosts, it's a tight squeeze to fit the 20-40 people who normally attend! Folding tables are set up in every available space, and walkways are limited to the smallest margins needed to maneuver through the maze of happily feasting relatives. After the meal, holiday cheer is reflected in the happily smiling faces of the contented diners. Card games appear, and old-fashioned fun commences.

Altogether, spending Easter with extended family is a pleasant experience.


Charity said...

Hey! Sounds like our holidays! My mom is one of 10, and my dad and Will's (my husband) dad are both one of five. We don't get together with extended family, such as great aunts and uncles and their families, it's usually just immediate family! There is usually a MINIMUM of 40! I am 1 of 80 something grandchildren and greatgrandchildren on my mom's side! I know what you mean by crowded!

Revka said...

Wow! I think your family has Mr. Incredible's beat! I bet your family celebration is a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you stop by again.