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Friday, April 20, 2007

Send me one

Pookie Bear has discovered letters. Yes, alphabet letters, too, but I was actually referring to letters you put in mailboxes. She writes her name, draws a picture, and adds a number or two for extra flair then awkwardly folds the letter, placing it in an envelope. She writes her name on the envelope, usually where the stamp should go, tells me for whom she wrote the letter, and asks if she can mail it. Usually I say no, but a couple of times I have helped her address her letter and place it in the mailbox.

You know, I would love to receive one of her letters. That would brighten my day for sure!


Michelle said...

this was kinda funny to me. I have been doing a whole mail theme this week in my toddler class. Its been all about letters, envelopes, mailmen and the post office!

Stop by my blog when you get a chance, there is a surprise there for you!

Revka said...

What a coincidence, Michelle. Do your toddlers love to "write" letters now?

Thanks for the surprise. That was sweet of you. I'll get my post up soon. :)

Romie said...

That is really funny. Tell you hubs you want a letter from her and get him to help her. Then when she sees you open it I think it will make her day :)