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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Asking for the moon

Writing about my dream to travel across Europe prompted me to share that dream with Mr. Incredible. He thought that sounded like fun but wanted to know where we were going to get the money for such an adventure. I explained that we could stick away a little at a time and get there eventually.

He decided that was a good idea, which emboldened me to share a few more wishes, including the desire for such items as a high-quality digital camera, an array of grandfather clocks, a good vacuum cleaner, tickets to The Phantom of the Opera, and, hey, why not a trip to the moon while I'm dreaming?

You know, I think that some of those wishes just might come true now that I've actually shared them with him. Only, I already know the trip to the moon won't become reality; I'm simply asking for ... the moon.

photo of moon courtesy of stock.xchng