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Friday, April 13, 2007

Following in my footsteps

I'm going to have to hire Pookie Bear to design headers for me pretty soon! She has discovered how to use the program I use to create the headers, and, being a child, she has no inhibitions about playing with it and figuring out how it works. She is always begging me to let her print "just one paper."

Yesterday, she showed me these creations. The one with 3 figures is of (left to right) Baby Bear, Pookie Bear, and Miss Muffet. The one with two figures is of Mr. Incredible and me. I love the storm cloud and lightening bolt in that one!

Mr. Incredible deemed these "refrigerator worthy" but commented how odd it is to see our child's artwork created on the computer instead of with crayons. I agree, but Pookie does make these creations in traditional mediums as well.


The New Parent said...

Ok--I love what your child did! They are so much fun. Hire her right away before she gets snatched up!

Very cute.

Revka said...

That's what I thought, Frank. *smile*

I especially love the picture of the three girls. The colors and composition are really attractive to me for some reason. :)

Karen is Thrifty said...

Wow, those are nice. I guess I need to let AE experiment with the computer more.

Revka said...

You will be amazed at what your child can do. One suggestion: create a separate user account for your daughter on your computer and password protect yours. I learned that the hard way.