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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeling bad

Yesterday was one of those days that makes me wonder if my family would be better off if I would just pack my luggage and disappear. Here's what happened.

I had completed my morning computer work (I decided to try working on the computer from 8-10 a.m. and from 2-4 p.m.) and was playing outside with the girls. A friend dropped by on her way home, and we chatted while watching the girls play. Pookie climbed into the back of Mr. Incredible's pickup, and Miss Muffet, always imitating her older sister, asked me to lift her up, too. I absentmindedly set her in the truck bed only to be horrified as she began crying and nearly screaming because the metal bed was hot to her bare feet! Let me tell you, I felt absolutely horrible! I hurriedly lifted her out of the truck and took her inside to soak her feet in cool water in the tub.

I left her to play for a bit and was cleaning the kitchen when I heard her screaming and crying again. When I checked on her, she was holding a open disposable razor, and her right thumb was bleeding profusely. Apparently, she had climbed up on the sink and had gotten into the medicine cabinet where she found my stash of razors. When I saw her thumb, I was really beginning to question my fitness as a mother! I know these things happen to everyone, but I still felt horrible. I'm just glad that her thumb only required a band-aid and not stitches!

Make me feel better: please share some of your "oh, no!" stories.


Karen is Thrifty said...

You know my "oh no" story.

It's ok. Stuff happens. You're a great mom and every now and then things just happen.

Michelle said...

We've all been there. Its just a part of being a mommy. I have a pretty good "bad mommy" story I can share. You know how a kid will hold hands with two adults and swing inbetween them. When my daughter was younger (under the age of two, we were doing that with her at a street fair. She was so loving it and I kept trying to send her higher and higher. I ended twisting her arm and she had a slight sprain for a couple of days! It always hurts your heart and makes you question things!

Revka said...

Thanks, guys. That does help. :) Karen, I'm glad things aren't as bad as they had seemed. Michelle, I know how you felt! Thanks for sharing.