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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Don't wait until disaster strikes

I was given a couple of new assignments today, and one was for a site that sells survival kits. I looked at the ReadyQwik site in preparation for this post, and it brought to mind one of my family's pressing needs.

As I've mentioned before, my family has only lived in this area for a year. The place from where we moved was hurricane-prone but not like where we live now. To make matters worse, our house is one of the few in our neighborhood that is not in a flood plain, and the surrounding area is even lower meaning that it floods during moderate to heavy thunderstorms. This past fall, there was one time all the roads leading away from our neighborhood were flooded. I'm not too eager to see what will happen when we do get a hurricane. One thing that keeps bothering me is the fact that I need to make a disaster preparedness kit for us NOW. We were blessed enough not to need a disaster kit last year, which was a good thing because we didn't have one.

There are two reasons why we aren't yet prepared for a probable disaster: I forget about it because it is not an immediate need, and I am a chronic procrastinator. Well, I am not going to procrastinate anymore; instead, I am going to make a list of what I want in our kit and start assembling it piece by piece so that this year we will be ready for hurricane season. The survival kits site gave me good ideas of items that really should be in my emergency kit: a crank flashlight, water, food, duct tape, blankets, pen and paper, rope, first aid supplies, extra clothes, and a crank-powered cell phone charger. No matter where you live, I am certain that an emergency kit is a must-have for your family. If you don't already have one, do consider buying or assembling a kit for your family. Making sure you are prepared for an emergency is just one more way you demonstrate your love for your family.