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Monday, January 08, 2007

To Pookie Bear; From Jesus, with love

You remember that Pookie picked out a birthday gift for Jesus. It is so true that you never give to God without receiving something better in return. Yesterday, Pookie received a gift that could only have come from God. Let me give you some background first.

Before Pookie Bear was born, a lady in my church offered to give me her kids' old clothes and shoes. She had both a girl and a boy. I gladly accepted and received girl clothing up to size 6 and boy clothing up to size 2T. My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law also gave a multitude of clothes they purchased at yard sales. What a blessing! I didn't have to purchase any clothing for my daughter, and everyone know what a huge expense clothing can be. Later, another family with a little girl (older than my children) joined our church. They, too, offered to give me her outgrown clothes and shoes, and again I accepted. I was thrilled with what the Lord had provided, especially since many of the clothes were of much higher quality than I could have ever afforded to buy myself.

Then we moved, and I accepted the fact that we would no longer be given clothes for our children. I just figured that the Lord knew our finances better than we did and knew that we would be able to provide for our children without help. We joined our church and began making a few friends while getting involved in ministry. I help with the 3-6 year old PeeWee Patch Club on Wednesday nights. The Club Captain has a granddaughter who is slightly bigger than Pookie Bear. Wouldn't you know, Mrs. E asked if we could use her granddaughter's too-small clothes. YES! Then another lady offered her daughter's clothes, and the pianist offered some clothes that someone else had given her even though her children are all grown. Thank you, Lord, for continuing to touch hearts! But Pookie Bear is getting bigger, and the clothes that were coming in were too small for her. She didn't complain and was very sweet about being excited for her sisters, but I could tell that she was feeling a little left out, too.

Yesterday morning, one of the other PeeWee Clubbers' mother approached me after service, asking what size the girls wear and wanting to know if I would like her daughter's clothes. Of course I answered yes. After all, with three girls to pass the clothes through, there would certainly be some that would get stained or would become inserviceable in some way. I was given jackets and coats that morning. The first thing that made me tear up was when I saw the coat. It was the coat that Pookie loved and I had wanted to buy for her but waited for it to go on clearance. Only, all the coats were gone before they had a chance to go on clearance. Now this lady whom I had never even spoken with before had given Pookie the exact coat I had wanted for her. Here was a visible sign that God really cares - He used someone else to give Pookie and me what we wanted. Then last night the lady gave me 2 garbage bags of clothes and shoes. When we looked through them, everything was Pookie's size, and everything was HIGH quality and absolutely gorgeous. She was so delighted with everything. She replaced all her old shoes with the new shoes, rearranging her closet very neatly in the process. She also tried on several different outfits, thrilled with each one and exclaiming about its beauty.

After examining everything, she and I bowed our heads and thanked God for sending her such lovely clothes. My heart was filled with thanksgiving for the fact that God cares about a little girl who was feeling left out. Not one single thing given to us yesterday fit any of the other girls. This was Pookie's gift.


Justice Fergie said...

How incredibly sweet and what a blessing! You'll have to post a photo of Pookie Bear in her new coat :)

Revka said...

You know, I like that idea. I'll do that, but it's probably going to take a while. I'll link back to this post when I do get the photo up.