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Thursday, January 11, 2007

A review and comparison site for diet supplements

In my post about ways to achieve long-term weight loss, I wrote: "I am leery of supplements and diet pills. They mess with your body and often give quick results that simply don't last." While that statement remains true, another fact is also true: there are still people who use metabolism boosters and diet pills as their preferred methods for losing weight.

If you use or are considering using these methods, you might want to take a look at this diet comparison site that conducts diet supplements reviews and comparisons. I DO NOT KNOW how credible their review panel is, but here is what they say in their Mission Statement.

"The plethora of diets and diet products available to the public has reached a point of confusion. While most of these products are reputable, some have been found to be less than reputable.

The Diet Awareness Institute is committed to bringing researched resources to the public. Funded by grants and public contributions, the Diet Awareness Institute compares products from a wide array of companies and gives an analysis of each product with a common comparison rating so that individuals, medical & health professionals can make informed decisions.

The board members of the institute are made up of paid and gratis specialists. They come from a wide array of fields including, Health & Medicine, Publishing, and the Internet." - posted on the home page

If you choose to use pills to aid your weight loss, please do all you can to be informed of the pros and cons before you begin a regimen of supplements and other pills.