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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Opinions, please

If you've visited here a couple of times today, you probably have noticed the multiple color changes. I'm having a little trouble deciding what I really want. What do you think of the new scheme? Do you like it better than the old one? How about the background color, text color, and link color? Input would be greatly appreciated.


The New Parent said...

Hey, I love when the blog changes it's overall look periodically. Is this a navy blue? It's striking, but the white on blue is a little hard to read.
Now, that may be on my computer.
But, love the way you're thinking (laugh)!

Revka said...

Thank you, Frank! You have the same opinion I have: I like the background (which is a navy, yes)but am struggling with finding a font color that I like, goes with the overall theme, and is readable. The white is actually a light gray so I think I will try a darker shade. Thanks again. (smile)

The New Parent said...

Try a lighter shade of the navy blue (like your headers). That might work better. But I love how striking it makes your blog!
Keep at it.

I tried posting this and it didn't seem to go through. Hope it's not posting twice?

Justice Fergie said...

Hi Revka!

I like the blue.

And I'm so glad that your sister is doing better! You'll be a proud auntie soon enough :)

Revka said...

So the blue is good. I'm glad 'cause I really like it. :) I will try going a tad bit lighter; thanks for the suggestion, Frank. (Your comment did not post twice. Blogger has been having difficulties again today. UGH!) Perhaps that will help with my font color options as well. I love blues, if you can't tell.

Fergie, thank you for your continued interest in my SIL and the baby. I think you are right and we will have a new member of our family in less than 2 weeks.

Revka said...

Yea, Frank! I think that lighter blue is great! What do you think? My font colors seem to look much better now.

The New Parent said...

Fantabulous! As my daughter would say, "I love it!" I think it really looks sharp. And I do agree, the blues are handsome.

Good work!

Revka said...

Thanks for your help. :) I, too, am very happy with the end result.

knowhimwell said...

I like the new colors.