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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Commercializing the Christian element

I try to be thoughtful; I send cards for birthdays and give gifts for Christmas or special occasions such as weddings or significant anniversaries, and I do like to give Christian gifts; however, I hate to see Christianity packaged and commercialized into being the "popular" thing to do or be. How many people have "religious" charms on their cell phones or on the rear view mirror in their cars? Remember the WWJD fad? The phrase behind the marketing campaign was great and would be revolutionary if actually applied (read In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon if you haven't already), but its popularity made it commonplace and meaningless. Our Christian walk should be more than the trinkets and charms we may display. Our true adornment should be the "meek and quiet" spirit that speaks of a Christ-filled life. Wearing a necklace or displaying a bumper sticker doesn't count for much in God's Book. How we live our lives is what will count for eternity.


Kendra Steele said...

How we live our lives is what will truly draw people to Him anyhow.

Revka said...

Yes, it is, and I wish more people would LIVE the Christian life rather than ACCESSORIZE with it. Thanks for stopping by, Kendra. It's good to hear from you; I know you stay busy. BTW, you have a knack with words. You post such sweet things.