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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Electrolux or Kirby?

At our previous house, Kirby vacuum cleaner salesmen would come by wanting to demonstrate their vacuum at least twice a year if not more often. I did let them demonstrate the vacuum twice, and I LOVE it! The price is way out of our budget, however, so my friend Karen gave me some ideas for finding a more reasonably priced vacuum cleaner.

This past Saturday, a vacuum cleaner salesman knocked on our door for the first time in 13 months. This man, however, was promoting the Electrolux brand. I did let him demonstrate his machine, partially because I was curious how it would compare to the Kirby and partially so he could receive his 40 points. I'm nice that way. (laugh) I do not like the Electrolux as well as the Kirby. The feature that made me love the Kirby is that the suction hose that goes to the beater area doesn't just end as a hose like all other machines I have since inspected. (You should have seen me at Wal-Mart the other day; I was tipping up every single display vac, peering into its interior!) Instead, the Kirby is designed to so that the suction pipe splays out at the end to cover the entire width of the beater area. Let me tell you, this design creates some kind of suction! I saw it pick up and hold a cardboard box that was approximately 36x24x18 inches! I told the Electrolux guy that while I would like to purchase a good vacuum one day, that was not the day. He kindly left me not one but two business cards on his way out.

So I'm curious. Am I the only one who gets these salesmen or do they come to your house, too? If you do have salesmen coming by, what product are they hawking?


Shoshannah said...

How about a person selling $400 worth of frozen top cuts of meat? I don't spend $400 a month on groceries and I'm sure not going to do it on meat!

knowhimwell said...

I've had the Swan's guy come to sell some frozen food. Other than that, just some cult members come by. LOL I guess it's because I'm not home during the day. We've had some flyers left on our door for driveway paving, roof repair, window replacement, and stuff like that.

Here's an idea. When they come knock on your door, tell you daughter to go lay in the bed. Then answer the door and tell them now is not a good time. Your daughter is in bed. Ha! Just kidding, but you really could do that. :grin:

Thanks for mentioning my post. I just now found it today.