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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogs of interest

I've been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks now. I have recently found a few blogs and web sites that I am adding to my blogroll and/or feel are worth sharing with you.

MamaLaw...Making Sense of the Maze of Motherhood features the writings of three mothers who also happen to be lawyers: Justice Fergie, Justice Jones, and Justice Ny. (If those names seem familiar, it's because all three have commented on this blog at one time or another.) They write up their "Mama Laws" (currently at 8) and share their ideas and thoughts. Their recent post of the poem "Thank God for Dirty Dishes" reminded me to count my blessings disguised as irritations.

A Higher Calling: Striving to be a godly wife and mother in ungodly times is the blog of a conservative Christian stay-at-home mom. I am often encouraged by her posts. I found her latest post about The Quiverfull Movement to be informative.

A Virtuous Woman - A Proverbs 31 Ministry
is a web site rather than a blog, but I like the columns it features as well as the whole homemaker atmosphere of the site. Helpful to me was the short article containing Housekeeping Rules to Live By.

Last but certainly not least, while Spunky has ended her blogging career at Spunky Homeschool, her archives are well worth perusing. Spunky blogged not only about homeschooling but also about education issues and ideas in general. Her blog finished 2nd (only by a narrow margin did she not take top honors) in the Best Educational Blog category of the 2006 Weblog Awards - a major accomplishment. Her Christmas post The Nativity: ACLU style described a humorous tongue-in-cheek politically correct nativity erected by the Young Conservatives at the University of Texas.

I hope you take a look at these blogs. In my opinion, you are missing out if you do not.


Justice Fergie said...

hi revka!

thanks for mentioning our blog! we enjoy reading yours too. and i will definitely take a look at the other blogs that you have recommended.

Revka said...

Hello, and you are quite welcome. I like to let my friends know about things I like, and I think your blog is worth sharing with others.