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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anniversary Trip - Thursday

Here are photos from the first day of our anniversary trip, which was dedicated to pursuing Mr. Incredible's NASCAR fixation. *grin*

Here's DEI, named for its founder, Dale Earnhardt, Sr.

The lobby display prominently features the revered #3 car driven by The Intimidator himself.

Here's a photo of the Stars and Stripes car Jr. drove earlier this year.

We also visited JR Motorsports, Jr.'s NASCAR team headquarters.

Up close and personal with the driver himself...

well, almost!
Highlights from the day included Mr. Incredible's finding 4 diecast cars he needed for his collection. While he browsed through that store, I hit the sale at the thrift store next door: you could fill a Wal-Mart type of plastic bag for $5. I filled two bags. We ate at Burger King for supper, which I am proud to report was the only time we ate out during the whole trip. We also splurged and stayed at Comfort Suites the first night. I loved their whirlpool tub!


The New Parent said...

Hi R---you'll have to explain NASCAR to me 'cause I don't understand the attraction. Now, I'm open to understanding, but I haven't heard an explanation that's pursuaded me yet (smile).

Some nice photos, R!

Revka said...

Well, Frank, I'm actually a reluctant fan - I only care about it because Mr. Incredible does. However, I enjoy a good race where drivers are battling for the lead. I also enjoy (hm, that might not be the right term) the crashes. They are exciting, though we always hope no one gets hurt. I think this is one of those sports that kinda grows on you.

Mary said...

You are a woman after my own heart! First, going along with hubby's interests on your anniversary is awesome, and second, I want to know what you did for the other meals on your anniversary trip!

Revka said...

Thanks, Mary! :) The NASCAR thing is becoming an anniversary tradition.

Meals -

Thursday: breakfast - ate with his grandparents; lunch: chicken tender sandwiches made from chicken purchased at Wal-Mart; supper - BK.

Friday: breakfast - free hot buffet included with motel stay; lunch - sandwiches from food supplies in our cooler; supper, cooked bacon at our campsite and make bacon and lunchmeat sandwiches.

Saturday: breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon, and milk from our food supplies; lucnh - sandwiches again; supper - back at Mr. Incredible's grandparent's place

That's definitely the cheap way to go. :)

Anonymous said...

you cannot be serious!

little sis

Revka said...

Hey, little sis. :) Which part did you find unbelieveable? NASCAR shopping, our meals, what?