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Friday, August 31, 2007

Luminox Watches

I used to have a watch. I found a watch that I really liked in Wal-Mart's $5 section, and it gave me good service ... until my girls "discovered" it and kept messing around with it. Somehow, it didn't last very long after that. I prefer analog watches with a brown leather band and a square or rectangular face.

Luminox watches are designed with luminous dials and hands, a great feature when you need to know the time but your surroundings are dark. Luminox has such a good reputation that they were commissioned to design a watch for the Navy SEALS.

My favorite of the watches on their page is the Luminox Ladies' Dress Field Ivory, Leather/Brown, Model 1554. Guess what it looks like? Analog with a brown leather band and a round face (which doesn't look too bad). I told you that was what I like. *smile*