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Friday, August 03, 2007

Scary Biker or Middle-aged Preacher?

I know that stereotyping people based on outward appearances is foolish, but how often do I find myself doing that very thing? Take, for example, people who ride motorcycles - bikers. I must admit that the sight of a "biker" sends my imagination into overdrive. I carry a mental image that pegs all bikers as "Hell's Angels" decked in leather paired with Wiley X sunglasses, doing drugs, and looking for trouble. In recent years, I have learned how laughable that stereotype actually is.

One of our acquaintances is a soft-spoken, laid-back, rather reserved preacher. Since his temperament is steady and rather unadventurous, I was shocked to learn that he had bought a motorcycle. A motorcycle - him?! Well, there went all my biker preconceptions!

Let this be a lesson to you, Revka. That person you wonder about may not be a scary biker at all; he may just be a middle-aged preacher enjoying the motorcycle he has dreamed of since he was a kid.