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Friday, August 03, 2007

Having Too Much Fun!

That's what the girls and I have been doing lately. That's also why I haven't blogged very much this week.

It all started with Baby Bear's party on Saturday. I invited all the grandparents, cousins, and a couple of friends, but I really thought we would end up with only the grandparents putting in an appearance. However, nearly everyone we invited came - how exciting! After the party, all three girls went home with my mother. She brought them back the next day, and everyone enjoyed the break.

On Tuesday, my sister, her kids, and a couple of her friends all went to the beach and invited the girls and me to meet them there. We did, and we had a wonderful time. It was a strange day, alternating between blazing hot sunshine and cool sprinkles of rain, but it made for nice beach weather.

Wednesday was not fun at all. In fact, it was a nightmare-turned-reality. Suffice it to say that I dealt with smeared po*p, a broken home theatre system (I did find out how to correct that problem - a huge relief after dealing with the PS2 disaster!), and water everywhere. I dealt with several other problems, but those were the biggest. The water was a result of the girls playing with our kitchen faucet. Usually, they turn on our bathroom faucets, which is why they are discouraged from being in the bathroom for anything other than baths or necessary "bodily functions."

Yesterday, thank God, was a great day. We spent the whole day with some other friends. The kids played in the little kiddie pool and on the family's trampoline. They had invited us to stay for lunch, and we were pleasantly surprised to be fed grilled steaks and NY strip, butter beans, baked potatoes, rolls, and individual cherry cheesecake tarts. It was a wonderful meal, and, to top it all off, the family told me to ask Mr. Incredible to stop by on his lunch break if he had time. He had time and did stop. So nice! I was getting the girls ready to go home after lunch, not wanting to overstay our welcome, but the lady of the house expressed her disappointment that we were leaving "so soon," stating that she had expected us to stay all day. So we settled back in and did stay all day. Friends are wonderful!

How has your week been going?