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Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Little Sketch

I am not in the mood don't have time for writing this morning; we're having friends over tomorrow, and I need to be cleaning the house. So I thought I'd share a little sketch I doodled the other day. It was supposed to be of Pookie Bear, but it really doesn't look like her - too grown up. I still think it's cute, though. I hope all of you have a great day.


rem said...

you were recommended by Pay2blog and seeing your post reminds me of many things but only thing i am sure about you that you are a good mother and wife. wishing you happy and contentment in your life.

happy blogging.

The New Parent said...

Hi R--maybe what she'll look like as she matures?

So you draw also, such a talented one (smile)!

Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Very nice Revka. You are so talented! I´m with the new parent, maybe that is hat she will look like when she gets older? She reminds me of you :)

Revka said...

Hi, rem, thanks for stopping by. I love Payu2Blog and am glad to hear that you found me through their site. Thank you very much for the kind words and the well wishes.

Revka said...

Hi, Frank! I tried to reply to your comment yesterday, but Blogger was acting up yet again. Anyway, I think you are right about her possibly looking like this when she is older. It'll be interesting to see.

I hope you have a good weekend as well. :)

Revka said...

Hey, Linda,
Thanks for the nice words. It's funny that you think she looks like me, but that's nice to hear, too.

Hope you're doing better.