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Monday, July 16, 2007

Friends, Subs, and Peach Cobbler

If you think that sounds like the recipe for fun, you would be absolutely correct. We had a blast with our friends Friday night. We started out by making the subs and eating. The kids, all 5 of them, sat around a little table intended for two children, while we grownups sat at our table, which seats eight. The kids were too excited to eat much and soon asked to be excused so they could go play. Of course we let them.

After supper, the "boys" (big, grown up boys!) played their video game while we girls chatted and made sure the kids stayed out of trouble. After awhile, we broke out the peach cobbler and ice cream. (thank you, Tina, for the recipe - it is absolutely divine! Oh, next time I'll have to try your brownie recipe; that sounds decadently delicious.) We also picked a date for us adults to go to King's Dominion together; we are all looking forward to that!

Pookie Bear wanted her little friend to spend the night and was so sad when we informed her that wasn't possible. Maybe another time.

How was your weekend?


The New Parent said...

Hi R--- I had a very nice weekend away, but not with the festive sense of yours (smile)! Sounds like you all had quite the time.

Revka said...

Hey, Frank, I'm glad you had a good weekend. We had a blast and hope to do this more often.