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Monday, July 30, 2007

Anniversary Trip or Shopping Spree?

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I like to go out of town with Mr. Incredible to celebrate our anniversary. Getting away by ourselves recharges my "marital batteries" and helps me relax and get refocused on Mr. Incredible rather than focusing solely on our girls. The way things are shaping up, it's a good thing that it really doesn't matter to me where we go as long as we get to spend time just by ourselves.

Last year, we ended up taking the girls to Tweetsie Railroad, but the previous two years we indulged Mr. Incredible's NASCAR fixation and traveled to "NASCAR country" near Charlotte. We visited different racing team headquarters including DEI (home to Dale Jr.'s team - and some other drivers, as well) and Joe Gibbs Racing (home to Tony Stewart and 2 other drivers). Although these sites weren't as interesting to me as they were to Mr. Incredible, I did enjoy looking at some of the memorabilia, admiring the buildings' architecture, and exclaiming about some of the modern office furniture.

This year, we will be returning to the NASCAR shops yet again. Mr. Incredible plans to purchase two more Dale Jr. cars from DEI. However, he has kindly asked if I would like to do something else on the trip. Would I?! He said we could stop by my friend Karen's house, and we're talking about possibly going to the mountains and finding some place to go canoing. I haven't done that since college, but I really enjoyed it then. Maybe next year we can go whitewater rafting again - I loved that!

How do you celebrate your anniversary?


MInTheGap said...

This year was light on the anniversary preparations simply because we were working hard to get out of debt.

My brother and his wife have given us a book with hotel reservations in multiple places that we intend to use when we get back to the place where we have some money to spend.

Jen said...

Happy anniversary

Revka said...

Hi, MIn, I can completely understand about your not doing too much for your anniversary this year! We intend to use only cash for our trip - no credit cards. I like the sound of that hotel discount book you guys have. We usually use the traveler's guides that can be found in Burger King and other such places. It definitely helps with the cost of a motel.

Revka said...

Jen, thanks for the anniversary wishes. That is so kind of you. :>)

The New Parent said...

Hi R--we celebrate with dinner at a wonderful restaurant, cards and sometimes, time with the extended family.

Happy Anniversary to you, R!

Mary said...

Our anniversary is during a super busy time of year, so dh and I usually have to raincheck our special celebration. :O)

I can really identify though, with getting to go see the sites that interest your hubby! For years, our family vacations centered around rodeo finals and cattledog trials, lol, but this year we finally went on a sight-seeing family vacation and I think dh is beginning to see what he was missing!

Hope you have a wonderful trip! I vote for the white-water rafting, we used to do that all the time in Oregon in my growing up years. Would jump at the chance to do it again! Me and canoes don't mix though, not since I flipped one at youth camp!