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Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Stewardship

Environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious have become buzz words in the politically-driven "green" movement. (I say "politically-driven" not "scientifically-driven" because there is much evidence to that effect, including the articles at American Policy Center and The Heartland Institute.) While I think the many new eco products are great, I must say that I am very much bothered when the planet on which we live becomes more important than the people who live on it. One day, this planet will be destroyed, but a person's soul lives forever. Which do you think has more value?

As a Christian, I believe it is my duty to be a good steward of all the resources with which God has entrusted me. This includes the earth. As my friend Holly stated in her post "I wasn't trying to be green ... I was just trying to live out my faith,"

"We should conserve, because it pleases God, not because Sheryl Crow makes a music video guilting us into using 2 sheets of toilet paper."
I have the same reaction to celebrities' hard sell of their ecologically-friendly agenda - it makes me want to run screaming in the exact opposite direction. But God has entrusted the earth (and much more) to us with the expectation that we will take good care of what He has given, and as I become aware of ways that I could and should take better care of the gifts He has given me, I will implement those practices into my life - because I believe it is my responsibility as a Christian, not because some politician or celebrity laid a guilt trip on me.


DramaMama said...

I feel challenged by your comment about the planet becoming more important than the people. I feel in our family we have a balance right now between the 2 but I've been pushing for more eco-friendly steps to be taken. I'm grateful that you pointed that people's souls have more value! If I believe God's word, which I do, that is more important. That's just one of the reasons I love reading your blog. So my comment should really just be a simple, "Amen, sister!"

Revka said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dramamama! Although I wrote this post for/about myself, it's nice to know others find it relevant.

I recently heard about a movement where women will abort their babies because they are not environmentally-friendly. That is sick and so very sad and is what prompted the statement regarding people placing more importance on the earth than on the people who live in it.

I know I can and should do more to be a good steward of this lovely planet God has entrusted to my care, but I hope I never lose sight of the souls that live here.

Thanks again for adding your thoughts, and I am so glad you are reading here. :)