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Sunday, February 03, 2008

More Winnings!

Wow! I can't believe it! Not only have a I won the baby boy diaper bag, two books I forgot to mention, and the awesome prize pack, I have now won a beautiful calligraphy print of Bilbo's Bath Song Sing Hey! (thanks for the correction, Kim) from Lord of the Rings and a handmade Lord of the Rings bookmark. After entering a ton of giveaways during the Fall Y'all Bloggy Giveaway and not winning a single prize, I was thrilled to win this contest, doubly so because I absolutely love Lord of the Rings.

Kim of Hiraeth was offering these prizes as part of the Bloggy Giveaways carnival that just ended. She makes calligraphy prints and bookmarks that she sells at Bookworm Bookmarks. If you would like a "Sing Hey!" print of your own, she is generously offering the prints at half price until February 15, 2008. Contact her for details.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

Sing Hey!, Revka! Thanks for the nice "plug!" I got your prize in the mail yesterday (Between snow storms!)I hope you enjoy it!

Revka said...

Thanks for the correction, Kimm. I've fixed it. :)

You're quite welcome for the plug. You do gorgeous work, and I can't wait to get this in the mail. Thanks for mailing it so promptly. I'll let you know when I receive it. :)