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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'll Take the Basic Package

Bose home theater - what a luxury, right? We did some preliminary car shopping this past weekend, trying to find out what kind of vehicle would fit our needs and what kind of price we could expect to pay for it. During our browsing, we saw two fully loaded GMC Yukons that included Bose speakers. I bet the radio/CD player sounds great!

While that is a nice feature, however, I'm not interested in paying for it - even at in the used car price. All I ask is that our vehicle have AC, a CD player, and cruise control. Anything else is just the icing on the cake.

What extra features (for your car) do you not think you could live without?


Karen_thrifty said...

I really enjoy my automatic slider. Each time we go somewhere, I click on my button to open the door and the kids climb in. It does save a lot of time. I know I could live without it though. Rear heat and a/c is nice too, rather than just having the air blow from the front. It really helps control the temperature better.

Revka said...

That sliding door feature does sound appealing, though two of my girls are capable of opening the sliding door alone, which is a big help. :)

I'm sure the girls would love the rear heat/AC bit. They often complain about the temperature when we feel fine up front.