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Friday, February 15, 2008

Shop Talk

RS Designs - custom designs at affordable pricesI love my business, but I must admit that it has been hard work to achieve the success it has seen this far, and it will take a lot more hard work to push, pull, and promote it to where I would like to see it end up. That's one of the drawbacks of starting a business from scratch - unlike buying into a franchise, you have no reputation on which to build and no clientèle to demand your services as soon as you "open shop."

I'm not at all sorry I started my own business, but I'm very glad I'm not in it alone. Linda is the best partner/co-worker I could want, and our weekly business meetings via instant message are both fun and productive. Many of the marketing strategies, pricing, and products offered at RS Designs are direct results of her suggestions.

If you are a fellow entrepreneur, what has been your most successful method for promoting your business and what do you wish you had done differently when your business was young?