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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How I'm Doing

I think one of the most common questions a pregnant woman hears is, "How are you feeling/doing?" The questioner is usually well-intentioned, but let me give everyone a hint: if the due date is near (or past), that could be the question the woman most hates to hear. Speaking from experience, at that point the woman feels terrible, just wants to have her baby, and can easily become annoyed if she repeatedly hears that question in a short time span.

I, however, am not yet at that point, and I don't mind people asking how I am feeling. *smile* I am finally to the point where I am feeling really good - as long as I don't have to move for any length of time. Seriously, just doing a ten minute pickup of our living room leaves me huffing and puffing and feeling as though I had just completed a thirty-minute workout on an elliptical machine!

I don't recall having this problem when I was carrying my girls, and I wonder if I'm just carrying this boy higher than the girls. Whatever the cause, I can only presume that this situation will only grow worse as my pregnancy progresses, and I am trying to prepare myself for that to be the case.

I had to laugh at Mr. Incredible the other day. He is not usually home to witness the effects of my little bouts of cleaning/picking up, but I was de-cluttering our room at bedtime one night last week and had to sit down for a five-minute breather once I was done. Mr. Incredible watched me gasping for breath and asked if I was okay. I assured him that I was, and he remarked, "That boy sure is taking it out of you!"

Yes, Dear, he is, but that's okay. I appreciate your concern (and any help you are willing to give!), but it's only temporary, and I don't mind these little inconveniences when they stem from such a wonderful reason. *smile*

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